Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift 18

Off the streets, and back on track?


  • Two tracks to try
  • Exciting races
  • Excellent presentation


  • Sound isn't great
  • Needs a high end PC to run smoothly

Very good

Need For Speed Shift has arrived, and heralds a change of direction for the venerable racing series. Whereas in recent years it has found success in street racing, Need For Speed Shift goes for track racing.

This demo offers two races, and four cars to try out. There's a street circuit around London's Westminster, and a traditional circuit race track too. Don't think that because this looks like serious racing it's not a Need For Speed game any more. The presentation, with macho narration, and lots of exciting video is pure Need For Speed.

The driving model in Need For Speed Shift is more realistic than the pure arcade fun of previous outings, but it's no Gran Turismo. You can still drive agressively, and it's still arcade-like. Sliding the rear out round corners is not frowned upon! It's an odd mix - looking like a serious game and playing like Need For Speed, but as long as you accept this isn't a simulation, it's fun.

You'll need a pretty powerful PC to fully enjoy this, as even graphics settings set to low will test older machines. If your PC can handle it, it's an adrenaline filled, pumped up game with plenty to do.

Need For Speed Shift puts the series back on track, just remember that while it looks like a simulation, it definitely isn't!

Need for Speed Shift


Need for Speed Shift 18

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